Status Update July 2021

Published on: July 29, 2021 | Reading Time: 3 min | Last Modified: July 29, 2021


This month was fun. I officially joined my new company and currently going through the technical on-boarding process. So far so good. The Macbook Pro is still not something I'd use as my primary machine but it is what it is. I have no choice but to use it at work. My laptop's screen was damaged for about a year now and I finally repaired it last week. During that time I used my Macbook Pro exclusively and it wasn't bad. I sort of found work-arounds to emulate my usual workflows and after a few days I got used to it. But then I got my machine back and used my window manager again and honestly at that point I knew I never could never be satisfied with anything else. I needed a free (as in freedom) operating system. I needed it to be hackable. I needed my window managers. It was not just a question of productivity but also comfort. I've been spoiled.

Moving on, most of my free time these days was spent around Student Developers Society's fourth anniversary which happens to be today, 29th July. Considering the pandemic everything should obviously be online, otherwise we would've organized a meetup but there's not much point in dwelling too much on what could've been. We had invited three speakers to talk on the occasion. The theme was Entrepreneurship and we invited people we felt were doing something different from what is the norm today in terms of running a for profit entity. The sessions so were great and we are happy with our choices in terms of speakers. Tommorrow we're holding a sort of hacker's meetup that we intend to do every month and will be open for the community to join. We're trying to be more active now. We were sort of in the process of finding ourselves since our founder left us a year ago. I think we're getting there but it is a working progress.

We've also been working on getting a minimal blog setup and getting all our infrastructure in order. We have a working website already but it's an overkill for what we want. We've already decided on moving the blog part to Hugo and that's pretty much done. The main website really needs a cleanup. I will either rewrite the thing to minimal version of what it is right now or move it to a minimal framework such a flask. If you're interested in stuff like this and want to volunteer do let me know. We're also looking for a email service provider that respects their users' privacy. We also want the service provider to be running FOSS systems throughout. Oh and yeah, support for custom domains. It is weird that we don't have many options in this regard because email is something so basic. Anyways that is a working progress.

Among other things I've been looking again at programming languages. I may have found 2 somewhat known yet very interesting languages. Will probably make a post both of them once I've played around with them enough. I'm also learning more ruby so that's there too.

I am also switching to wayland full time. I wish there was a better selection of window managers on wayland but right now Sway seems to be the only option. I miss a lot of things I had with bspwm but the change is inevitable. Wayland is the future.

Overall a fun month. I have been taking a break from writting any serious code for a while now and I think it's time to get back to it. Hopefully during August I will.