My name is Abraham Raji. I’m a maker. I design and build solutions to problems that fascinate me. I consider myself a minimalist who believes in sensible and intuitive design that is beautiful both on the outside as well as under the hood.

Free/Libre Software Enthusiast. Privacy Advocate. Open Design Advocate. An advocate of “Be excellent to everyone you see”. Product Designer (UI/UX). Software Developer. Hardware Enthusiast. Debian Contributor. Emacs User.


Product Design (UI/UX), Unix Systems Administration, Micro-controller based Design, Web Development, Vector Graphics Designing, Digital Marketing, Event Management.


International Indian School, Dammam K.S.A. / Primary and Secondary Education


St. Joseph’s College of Engineering and Technology, Palai / Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Instrumentation


Personal Projects


  • Debian :
    • Helps Debian JS and Ruby teams package and update software in the debian repositories.
    • Lead Designer: MiniDebConf India 2021
    • Designer: Designes several graphic assets for the Debian Community
    • Event Organizer: Organizing Community events.
  • Sumedha Academy :
    • Led a team that developed a remote education app for the institution.
    • Was the UI/UX architect for the app.
  • Mozilla Kerala :
    • Web Developer : Developed Website for Openhack 2019.
    • Web Designer : Helped Design the website for Openhack 2019.
    • Collaborated with the design team to effectively implement the style guide throughout the website.
    • The website recieved praise from various professionals, mentors and participants who attended Openhack.
  • KDE :
    • Software Localization : Contributed to the localization of KDE Desktop enviromment to Malayalam.
  • Pirate Party of India:
    • Web Developer: Assists Pirate Bady in maintaining the party website when required.
  • Lamaara Pvt. Lmt.
    • Web Developer : Helped them set-up a website-site for their filter (that does not require electricity) during Kerala Floods 2018. The filters where distributed free of cost through thr proceding from donations made by kind humans. The website helped in explaining what the product was and showed the donations recieved on the website.
  • NASA Space Apps Challenge:
    • Event Organizer: Was the state level event coordinator for the NASA Space Apps Challenge held in the state of Kerala, India.
    • First state level coordinator who was a student.
    • Collaborated directly with the Space Apps National Level Organizers for India.
    • Initiated and hosted the event, turned out to be the huge success.
    • Received Stellar Lead award from National Organizing Team
  • Student Developer Society:
    • Maintains and leads a growing community of students and professionals wanting to explore uncharted territories.
    • Works to make software development more accessible to students from all sectors of the society.
    • Leads various FOSS initiatives by the community.
    • Event Organizer : Help organize meet-ups and developer conferences.
    • Web Developer : Helps maintain the official website.
    • Graphics Designer : Makes graphics assets for the community.
  • Pehia Summit 2020:
    • Design Lead : Led a team of designers to produce various design assets for the summit.
    • Created various posters, branding materials and other graphics for the events.
    • Collaborated directly with the organizations Directors to communicate their vision for the event through the design.